Monday, July 18, 2016

Life's a Beach

I never fully understood why my Mom loved the beach so much. Sure it is beautiful but I never fully got it till we went to the lake.

Mom, I get it now. As a mostly adulting adult, I fully understand it. It's like being on vacation without really actually being on vacation. I have seen the light.

To round out the most vacation like weekend ever we set out for the beach. I had spent several days prior to the weekend, researching beaches and trying to find the best one for us. With Lake Constance not too far from us an Germany occupying 160 miles of it's coast, it was a pretty long search.

Strandbad, proved to be the best choice for us. Plenty of space, an area to take kayaks and paddle boards out, - not that that applied to us this trip - and a beach bar on sight. That sold me right there.

This was the easiest drive we have ever taken. We got on the autobahn, drove for an hour, exited, and drove till we saw the Strandbad sign. Simple right?

Oh and the most amazing thing about this location? Across the street from the parking area was tons of fruit stands. Hog heaven for sure. 

We are now just waiting for another off day with great weather - it was 90 degrees and cool refreshing lake water - to make our next trip. Still a month and a half of summer to enjoy.

So relaxing and the perfect end to our weekend. Festivals, adventure, and the beach. All the makings of a great vacation and we got to do it all without going too far from home.

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  1. This looks like a lovely beach - I always discount lake beaches for some strange reason but this is beautiful. Looks like you had great weather, too. Your mum was right after all!


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