Thursday, July 14, 2016

Flying High in Mörsdorf

If you follow along on Instagram, you may have seen what we were up to this weekend. Now it is time for some summer weekend recap.

On my super long list of summer fun, I added a little bit of heart pounding fun. In the quiet town of Mörsdorf, Germany there is an adventure lover's dream hiding away. Late last year this sleepy town, opened up Geierlay Bridge; the longest suspension bridge in all of Germany. At 330 feet high, the views off this bridge cannot be beat.

By no means am I fearless, my fear of heights is directly proportionate to how safe I view the activity.

Fly and roller coasters?
No problem.
This bridge?
Slight problem.

The drive to find this tiny little section of Germany is an adventure all its own, filled with fantastic country side. When I saw this place is in the middle of no where, I really mean it. No cell service, car park is almost 2 km back, along with all the signs of civilization - like toilets. All that in mind though, it was so amazing to totally unplug from my phone - that baby is almost always attached to my hand.

Shaking Standing on the bridge, taking it all in was so relaxing. Even if you don't go on the bridge - plenty of benches over looking the bridge and the views - it's worth the trek to the Shire, just to feel that peace settle over you.

Now, are you ready for those awesome views I was talking about?

 Such a precious church on the street corner. It had maybe six pews inside.

This was someone's pool!!! The had the most beautiful home and gardens. Who has stained glass windows on their house!? I wanted to knock on their door so I could see the inside. 
Can I move in?

Finally back in the woods. 

The closest I got to the edge the whole time.

Don't the boys look so excited to have their picture taken?

A tiny currywurst stand tucked away on the walk back. The best was still in Salzburg, Austria but still yummy.

After our adventuring and time in nature we headed of the wonderful town of Heidelberg. This was the first place James and I ever went in Germany and I was so excited to see this adorable town again. This time we were here for one of the three firework shows they do every summer. Come back Saturday to read all about our second time in Heidelberg and their amazing show.

Till next time,

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