Thursday, July 7, 2016

Bebenhausen Abbey

After initially planning a rainy day movie marathon, the weather in true Stuttgart form, changed at the last second. With a beautiful day now upon us and the morning gone, we decided to do some backyard exploration.

When we went to Ludwigsburg, I purchased the Schloss Card. Basically it gives me free entry into about 45 historic sights with in the Baden - Württemberrg state. A serious bargain at only 24 euros. Anyways I pulled out the map to see what would be near by that we could see and thus we were off for Tübingen to see Kloster Bebenhausen.

This beautiful abbey was founded in 1180. A short while after it was taken by Cistercians, who brought it to the ranks of one of the wealthiest monasteries in the region. After the Reformation transformed Germany, the abbey saw many new uses, first as a boarding school, then as an extension to a hunting palace built for the nobility. Now it serves to transport those of today's era into the medieval times of yesteryear and show of it's stunning Gothic architecture.

Does this hallway bring to mind Harry Potter, to anyone else?

A nice relaxing afternoon, taking in some local history. A beautiful sight, that is a must for those in the area.


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