Friday, July 15, 2016

Five on Friday: Second Half of Summer

Summer is in full swing at our house. Once the work week is over, we have been heading out to take in the local events - last week was a food and culture festival featuring Spain - and explore all the summer fun to be had in Germany.

If you follow along on Instagram, you may have noticed we had a packed weekend last week. Well we are showing no signs of stopping. Another weekend of fun in the sun is awaiting us, so now I just have to sit back and wait for James to be off - the hardest part of a Friday.
For this week's Five on Friday, I'll be sharing with y'all a highlight reel of last week, some of the great things awaiting for us to see in Germany this weekend, as well as a few of the exciting tings I'll be getting to experience in the coming weeks.

From Friday night till Sunday evening, it felt like we were on vacation. The weekend was absolutely perfect. Great food, gorgeous views, local festivals, the beach. All the makings of a great vacation. We even caught a minor case of Vacation Blues, Sunday night when we realized it was time to go back to the grind.

Off to the festival!!!

Longest suspension bridge in Germany. Beautiful but scary.

Beach day at Lake Constance!!! 90 degrees of sun and cool refreshing water.

Tonight we are heading out for another food festival!!! Y'all this is quickly becoming my favorite thing about summertime in Germany. Food festivals every Friday!!! I am so excited for this one set up at our neighbor town of Sindelfingen. BBQ ribs, surf and turf, and pulled pork sandwiches!!! Did I go to sleep last night and wake back up in Texas?

 Just like Rothenburg, I have been so excited to see this little Bavarian town. I have been patiently waiting for some beautiful weather to go explore this precious town. Bamberg, you have big shoes to fill following Rothenburg. However if any town could give Rothenburg a run for it's money I would say this little gem can.

 Sunday we will get to explore the medieval rooms of Lichtenstein Castle and after have some adventure fun on the ropes course. James is beyond stoked for this to happen. He has been itching to do something like this and to go ziplining. A pretty great day in the works with good balence. Castle stuff for me and getting to act like a monkey for James.

 Finally what I am so excited for in the coming weeks...

I am heading back to France!!!

No I am not going to Paris, but I will be spending a wonderful weekend in the region of Provence taking in the magnificent lavender fields. I am so excited to get to do this. It is one the many things in France I hope to see.

Doesn't this just look magical? I cannot wait!!!


Also coming up this summer an oldie but goodie...

That's right I am returning to Prague!!!

My fingers are crossed that this is the time I will finally get to show James this marvelous city. Either way though, it is going to be a wonderful day seeing this gem in the summertime. And maybe one day Prague will release me from the spell.

And finally two more countries are coming up this summer....

Bratislava, Slovakia

Budapest, Hungary

I hope all of you had a great week, a fantastic Friday, and an even better weekend. 

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  1. That food festival sounds so fun! Have a great time!!

  2. Have fun at the festival this weekend! Sounds fun!!

  3. Those food festivals sound so fun and that lavender field looks magical! Have all the fun!

  4. what great trips. omg, we just got back from austria, and we went on the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world, near innsbruck. it even had a guinness world records sign! i would love to go to provence, it's on my list, but france isn't a must do for me at this time. it's so horrible, what these terrorists are doing, on so many obvious levels, but selfishly and personally, i feel like they are controlling my wanderlust. i was scared in vienna, in the train stations, and at cafes b/c it's just too easy to hurt people if that intention was there. safe travels.

  5. What amazing places to visit! I can't wait to follow along. ;)


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