Saturday, October 14, 2017

Change of Mind Change of Site

Long time no see!!!

Head over to my new space for my new mind set!!!

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Friday, September 30, 2016

Five on Friday: Halloween Fun

A day away from the beginning of October!!! I am so excited, my Halloween decorations will be coming out and getting set up this weekend. I have been making plans for it ALL week and cannot wait to show y'all what we are doing. 

This week's post will be all things Halloween and October.

First up this week, Paper and Glam, released the October Bucket List and I for one cannot wait to start crossing some of these things off for myself
James' work is having a bake sale in two weeks and I am trying to plan what to make for it. I've got it narrowed down to either these Pumpkin Pie Twists or Pumpkin Fudge. Any ideas?

I've been searching for some easy to put together costume ideas to pass out candy this year. 

Minnie Mouse would be adorable, but the Harry Potter fangirl in me is also looking at this one too. both would be so easy to put together without having to buy too many extra things.

On second thought, maybe I'll do both... We do have several Halloween events this month might as well not pick just one. Right?

This week I started prepping the candy to be passed out. I found these adorable little goodie bags to sort the candy into and hand out.

Aren't they just adorable? And each bag has a little ghost or pumpkin sticker on the back to seal it closed. I just love it.

And of course no Halloween would be complete without these movies:

And with just enough weeks in October, I'll be able to have one a week.

Happy Friday everyone and here's to the weekend,

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Living for the Weekend: Magnificent Seven and The Chew

This weekend was fantastic!!! One of the best weekends, I have had that does not include traveling to new places.

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, and one of the many activities going on this month here to promote it, was a 5k Color Run and it was so much fun. Before you get any crazy ideas, I didn't run it, I volunteered to help. I save my running for being really late or in the event the world turns into Red Dawn or The Walking Dead. 

 With the run, my Saturday was off to a cold - as in 44 degrees - and an early start - waking up at 6 AM early. 

See? The sun was barely gracing us with its presence.

Got to breakout my Fourth of July tutu again and put on that "sexy" orange vest to help direct the race. Just call me your personal race cheerleader.

It was great time and I am so happy with how large the turnout was for the event. It is such a worthy cause to support. For more information on suicide prevention and how you can help:

Later on Saturday we had my favorite night of the week:

Date Night!!!

Something we hadn't done together in so long, bowling. We had tons of fun - James going out there and beasting at the game and me losing even with bumpers on... It's ok though I was killing it with my dance moves to the music hehehe.

If I'm not mistaken, this was one of his EIGHT strikes over three games. I hang my had in shame that I only got ONE with the BUMPERS on.

We also went to see Magnificent Seven.

This is only the second western I have ever seen - The Lone Ranger, was my first.

Y'all MUST go see this film. It was so good. Chris Pratt was just amazing in this movie and to my knowledge I have not seen a Denzel film and boy have I been missing out. The level of acting in this film was explosive. Make your way to the movie theater and see this movie.

Finally rounding out our weekend on Sunday was a nice lazy day.

Watching The Chew, and making delicious monkey bread. Sharing this recipe will be a must.

Look at all that yummy, gooey, goodness!!!

So delicious, however I think I need to add a little savory to all that sweetness.

Maybe layer bacon into it next time?

And of course dinner. Cajun fettuccine shrimp Alfredo. Let's just say I am counting down the minutes to lunch for these left overs.

And on that yummy note, I am leaving y'all for the day.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week!!!

PS: If you are looking for any new book, TV shows, or movie recommendations head over to A Little Bit of Everything, for her monthly link up. This month is all things entertainment.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Five on Friday

Another week has come and gone. Where is the time going? Seriously, September is on it's way out and soon enough it'll be Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I am that person that starts decorating in November, much to James' dismay - but where has the year gone!? 

Well I'll back track a couple holidays to Halloween. I was at the store the other day, and my decorating self went into overdrive. I'm realizing a few days later now, I have to reign it all in, but be on the look out soon for all about our Halloween decorating. I got it narrowed down to a few different ideas. 

But back to Christmas... Anyone else getting that bug to bring out the tree and start decorating and playing the Christmas music? I've been trying so hard to be good about it and I am beginning to fail miserably. If the basement wasn't so scary you can bet this girl would have all the Christmas stuff in the apartment already.

Let me go ahead and get into the week's Five on Friday now and stop outing my Christmas addiction hehehe

I got a few new OPI colors from my Mom last month and have waiting not so patiently for Fall, so I could start wearing them. I am in love with the show Scandal, no spoilers still catching up, and was so excited for the Olivia Pope Collection!!! I mean seriously her wardrobe is perfection so of course the colors would be bold but classy, just like Miss Pope. All this week I have been rocking CIA - Color Is Awesome.

Have I mentioned my obsession with Lush Cosmetics? I just adore this place and their bath bombs. I look forward to throwing one in my tub at the end of every week. It is the best way to relax. Everyone seriously needs to check them out. They leave your skin so soft, luminescent, and the perfumed aroma last on your skin all day and night - not to mention throughout your house too. Best of all, all the products are vegan so of course no harmed animals in testing.

I mentioned last week how I did a little Fall shopping - still want to get a few more things. This week I got to wear both my new outfits!!! I love getting to wear new outfits. It instantly makes any day a thousand times better. Since I loved them so much, here is one of them - the second I totally spaced on getting a picture of, next time for sure:

My blazer is from Express, I bought it almost two years ago, at an after Christmas Sale.


The blouse is from Hollister and is the pretty shade of blue. It reminds me of a modern day Belle, so of course I had to buy it.


Jeans - I love them so much and worth all the hunting - are also from Hollister. I am making another trip to grab a second pair for winter. I owe it all to Devin too. I pretty much gave up and said I would wait till I made a trip home, and she handed me this pair and said just try it on and see.
 Thank you Devin!!!


I have been seeing book recommendations everywhere based on this show/book. Any readers/watchers out there? It sounds interesting and I am wondering if I should add one or both to the massive list of TV shows and books I have to watch and read.

Meanwhile on the topic of TV, DWTS is back on and I am obsessed. I cannot decide who I love more. Obviously Val and Laurie are so cute and I mean it is Val - come on he's gorgeous and talented, but can we just talk about Jena Kramer for a second? Week one's dance was so hot and intense!!! I LOVED it. It is going to be so hard picking a favorite for sure this season. Laurie is adorable and so good, but I don't know... Any other ballroom fans out there? Who is your favorite this season?

If you missed anything this week:

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Making a Home: The Living Room

One of the projects I started with vigor this summer, was decorating our home. It has been almost a year since I arrived in Germany and our house is finally beginning to look like adults live here and not college kids. I really wanted our house to feel cozy and relaxing. With all the traveling I do and the long/odd hours James works, our apartment is our retreat.

The room I chose to dive into first was our living room. Since we spend the majority of our time in here, it was a priority to have come together the fastest. It is still a work in progress, namely the photo wall and our DVD storage. Plus we still need a second bookshelf and maybe even a third. I own a LOT of books.

It has been turning out so well: super comfy and inviting, as well as pretty and personal.

All the empty space to the right is where our new dining table will go. Just a few more weeks now!!!

I saw the rug in store and that was when everything fell in to place for how I wanted the living room to look. It's the perfect color for all the light we get in this room.

The gorgeous clock we bought on a whim, on a trip downtown. I love it so much. It's surprisingly light too.

I have two of these end tables that each went under a massive transformation. Hopefully, I can find some before photos to show y'all what we - I - did to them.

One of my favorite parts of the living room.

The Harry Potter, books on the left are the English ones I own - one day I will get Chamber of Secrets. On the right is my collection from across Europe. Italian, Czech, French, Slovakian, and Hungarian - plus some memorabilia courtesy of my sister over the years.

James, brought the mirrored box - is it a box, anyone now? - into the marriage and I just adore it.  I had to have it out for everyone to see. Isn't just beautiful?

Team Edwards forever!!! Shh...

All our currency from Europe. 

Once I finish this I will share all the details of it with y'all. I totally love the DVD set up.

I just love how everything has come together for our living room. When the Army decides it is time for us to move, you can bet I will have super detailed photos to make decorating the next home easy. Print them out and follow them like directions hehehe.