Thursday, September 22, 2016

Making a Home: The Living Room

One of the projects I started with vigor this summer, was decorating our home. It has been almost a year since I arrived in Germany and our house is finally beginning to look like adults live here and not college kids. I really wanted our house to feel cozy and relaxing. With all the traveling I do and the long/odd hours James works, our apartment is our retreat.

The room I chose to dive into first was our living room. Since we spend the majority of our time in here, it was a priority to have come together the fastest. It is still a work in progress, namely the photo wall and our DVD storage. Plus we still need a second bookshelf and maybe even a third. I own a LOT of books.

It has been turning out so well: super comfy and inviting, as well as pretty and personal.

All the empty space to the right is where our new dining table will go. Just a few more weeks now!!!

I saw the rug in store and that was when everything fell in to place for how I wanted the living room to look. It's the perfect color for all the light we get in this room.

The gorgeous clock we bought on a whim, on a trip downtown. I love it so much. It's surprisingly light too.

I have two of these end tables that each went under a massive transformation. Hopefully, I can find some before photos to show y'all what we - I - did to them.

One of my favorite parts of the living room.

The Harry Potter, books on the left are the English ones I own - one day I will get Chamber of Secrets. On the right is my collection from across Europe. Italian, Czech, French, Slovakian, and Hungarian - plus some memorabilia courtesy of my sister over the years.

James, brought the mirrored box - is it a box, anyone now? - into the marriage and I just adore it.  I had to have it out for everyone to see. Isn't just beautiful?

Team Edwards forever!!! Shh...

All our currency from Europe. 

Once I finish this I will share all the details of it with y'all. I totally love the DVD set up.

I just love how everything has come together for our living room. When the Army decides it is time for us to move, you can bet I will have super detailed photos to make decorating the next home easy. Print them out and follow them like directions hehehe.

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