Friday, September 16, 2016

Five on Friday: Welcome to Fall

Long time no see everybody!!! I cannot believe it is going on two months since I posted anything on here. I always say I am going to do better, then I get sidetracked by everything else in life and do not make time for this. I really do need to do better. Make a schedule and stick to it, one day it'll happen and hopefully that day is sooner rather than later.

Of course my return to the blog world had to be on a Friday so I could participate with all of y'all in the wonderful Friday link-ups. So many awesome things to share and get caught up on posting about - all sorts of catch up for me. So, for this week I will be sharing five of the things that have gone on since we last met up.

As is the norm for me, many trips around Europe have a occurred. At the end of July and through August, I went to four different countries and got to cross off two major things on my life and travel bucket list. I have come to learn that traveling is a way of life for me. Traveling has become as essential as breathing to me. It will forever be ingrained in my soul.

First up at the end of July, was the Provence region of France. Seeing the lavender fields, was a big bucket list item for me, so when the chance to go for a weekend came up, you can bet this girl was first in line. 

I got to see this place in person and STILL I have to ask my self, "Is this seriously real life!?" I mean look at this place!!! This cannot be real life.

Following this place, that I still don't fully believe is real, I made my THIRD journey to Prague. I love this charming city. I especially loved that I got to share this city with Devin, who had yet to go. Of course I would have loved for this to be the time James got to experience Prague, but this was the beginning of a nomadic friendship with Devin. Travel Besties for sure.

At the edge of Charles Bridge. The wrought iron design frames the cathedral and the castle complex perfectly.

If I were to name this summer, it would be The Summer of Gelato. Seriously, I couldn't go anywhere without trying this stuff. I am 110% hooked. This particular one: Carmel, strawberry, and vanilla shaped into a rose.
And lastly on my summer travels was four wonderful days with Devin, traveling through Germany, Slovakia, and Hungary. Seeing Budapest was another thing crossed of my list. Not bad for one summer I would say: Paris (the "I can die happy having been here trip,"), lavender fields of France, and Budapest.

The quaint cruise town of Passau, Germany. Spent our time here hiking to the fortress (seriously was not even the most active part of the weekend) and eating spaghetti and of course gelato.

Bratislava, Slovakia. Climbing the town hall tower, was the best part of Bratislava. We also made the pilgrimage to the countries first ever Starbucks!!! Now that was a walk. Sadly, they are so new the country and city mugs had not arrived in store yet. I may have shed a tear over this, so don't judge hahaha.

Hmm... I wonder what that is...

Hungarian Parliament: Who wouldn't want to go work in this place?

We walked 16 miles that day and still had several hours till we would fall into bed when this picture was taken. One camera and two phones proved to be just enough for photos. But only barely, Devin's phone (the last surviving) died when we got to the hotel lobby.

The Vera Bradley Crew!!! 

Summer traveling may be over, but thankfully Fall is beginning and with it all sorts of fun times. Can't wait to see what comes our way next.

Now if I haven't lost you just yet... 

I have gotten to spend a great deal of time with the hubs. This is always my favorite since work always has him away at odd hours. I love our date nights.

Sushi for dinner (a regular thing for us) with our bestie across the hall. I love it when I get to have hubby date night and girly date night at the same time.

Movie marathon night/weekend. We were all set on that couch for HOURS!!!
Going out to celebrate one of his co-workers birthdays. Now that was a great night.

Home is my vacation. I love all the fun things we get to do as a couple. Dinners out, BBQs with great neighbors, and of course couch potato-ing it. 

One thing that I really never got around to doing, was decorating our house. We've been living in this half way stage of semi furnished/decorated home. I bought beautiful throw pillows in February and some curtains and that was where decorating had stopped for our home. Thankfully that has changed. I finally got inspired and there has been no stopping me since. Our living room nor bedroom is complete but both are super close. October 12th marks one year in Germany for me. Hopefully I can get close to being totally done by then. I'll share much more on my decorating adventures of course, but for now a sneak peak.

Our mostly done living room. Still working on getting photos hung up, but I am so in love with how it has come together. Look at that giant clock too!!! A little (or big) find from downtown. I've realized how phone dependent we are since we are having to adjust to looking up and not at our phones to tell time.

James' super helpful crew putting together our nightstands for the bedroom.

Hard at work and Parker supervising.

If you're wondering Bruce there, is Parker's guest for a few weeks. He follows her everywhere, like a lovesick teenager. So in other words totally adorable.

And the bedroom!!! After work, my favorite thing has been to light those candles and sit in my reading chair looking at the room. As much as I love our living room, the bedroom is by far my favorite. A few minor things have to be completed in here and add a dresser and it is totally done!!!

Home wise, I have been super busy and have made tons of progress, so I am a happy wife.

I found this on my Pinterest hunts the other day and love it!!! A great list of all the wonderful and awesome things that happen each month. I need to get a little caught up though... That will be happening this weekend for sure. Me personally I can't wait for Coffee Day!!! EEK!!!

And my final round up for this week:

This week I got a bit of a start on it. I'm not much of a Fall person, but I do love an excuse to go buy new clothes and shoes. I mean shopping is always great, but when you can back it up with a real reason why you need these new - fill in the blank - it's all the better right? 

Yesterday was super successful. The longest jean hunt of life finally came to an end. Nothing feels better than finding a pair of skinny jeans that fit well and are comfortable. And to go with new jeans of course a new leather belt. It has the most beautiful floral detailing. I was a happy camper yesterday.

Tomorrow I'll be hitting the shops downtown again looking for a few more must haves and maybe a few bonus pieces too.

That burgundy skirt will be a super bold choice for me, but I am feeling really adventurous and hope to find one.

I can't wait to go see everyone's posts later today.

I hope everyone has a great Friday and better weekend!!!


  1. Happy Friday, I loved reading your blog today! So many wonderful favorites!

  2. Oh my goodness, that gelato looks aamaaazinnnggg!!

    1. It was so good. I feel I am a gelato pro now after this Summer lol. I had it every where I went.

  3. Sounds like you've had a great last couple of months! Your travels all sounds like SO much fun! I hope to be able to see all of those places someday! France is basically just a fairytale. The entire country is just so incredibly beautiful! And hooray for finding great jeans! It took me years to find a brand I like that fits great! (American Eagle jeans are my favorite!) Hope you had a great weekend!

    1. They were wonderful :) I've had a blast getting to live in Germany. I never thought I would get to travel this much, in one year; it's been a HUGE blessing. I LOVE France. I will travel through France as much as humanly possible while I am here. It's so charming. The pair I got were from Hollister and I haven't worn their jeans in years but now this pair is perfect!

  4. I love your bedroom!! And your trips sounds so amazing! Makes me want to plan something right now! :)

    1. Thank you :) I have been obsessive to say the least in getting it just right. I love how it is. Getting the pictures picked for this post made we want to pack a bag and head back out to the first place I could find. Traveling has become a serious addiction lol.


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