Friday, September 30, 2016

Five on Friday: Halloween Fun

A day away from the beginning of October!!! I am so excited, my Halloween decorations will be coming out and getting set up this weekend. I have been making plans for it ALL week and cannot wait to show y'all what we are doing. 

This week's post will be all things Halloween and October.

First up this week, Paper and Glam, released the October Bucket List and I for one cannot wait to start crossing some of these things off for myself
James' work is having a bake sale in two weeks and I am trying to plan what to make for it. I've got it narrowed down to either these Pumpkin Pie Twists or Pumpkin Fudge. Any ideas?

I've been searching for some easy to put together costume ideas to pass out candy this year. 

Minnie Mouse would be adorable, but the Harry Potter fangirl in me is also looking at this one too. both would be so easy to put together without having to buy too many extra things.

On second thought, maybe I'll do both... We do have several Halloween events this month might as well not pick just one. Right?

This week I started prepping the candy to be passed out. I found these adorable little goodie bags to sort the candy into and hand out.

Aren't they just adorable? And each bag has a little ghost or pumpkin sticker on the back to seal it closed. I just love it.

And of course no Halloween would be complete without these movies:

And with just enough weeks in October, I'll be able to have one a week.

Happy Friday everyone and here's to the weekend,

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  1. I love those cute costume ideas and the awesome list for October. I like that there is even some "healthy days" thrown in there!! - <a href="”>Home of Malones</a>

  2. Yum! I would totally buy either (or both!) of those things from a bake sale! Love that fall activity list!


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