Monday, July 18, 2016

Life's a Beach

I never fully understood why my Mom loved the beach so much. Sure it is beautiful but I never fully got it till we went to the lake.

Mom, I get it now. As a mostly adulting adult, I fully understand it. It's like being on vacation without really actually being on vacation. I have seen the light.

To round out the most vacation like weekend ever we set out for the beach. I had spent several days prior to the weekend, researching beaches and trying to find the best one for us. With Lake Constance not too far from us an Germany occupying 160 miles of it's coast, it was a pretty long search.

Strandbad, proved to be the best choice for us. Plenty of space, an area to take kayaks and paddle boards out, - not that that applied to us this trip - and a beach bar on sight. That sold me right there.

This was the easiest drive we have ever taken. We got on the autobahn, drove for an hour, exited, and drove till we saw the Strandbad sign. Simple right?

Oh and the most amazing thing about this location? Across the street from the parking area was tons of fruit stands. Hog heaven for sure. 

We are now just waiting for another off day with great weather - it was 90 degrees and cool refreshing lake water - to make our next trip. Still a month and a half of summer to enjoy.

So relaxing and the perfect end to our weekend. Festivals, adventure, and the beach. All the makings of a great vacation and we got to do it all without going too far from home.

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Summertime in Heidelberg

After our time in Mörsdorf, we made our way down to Heidelberg to experience one of their three major firework shows this summer. 

Every year this little town, basks it's castle ruins in flame like lighting to commemorate the sacking of the town by Louis XIV. After which the fireworks begin recalling just over 400 years ago when Friedrich V brought his lovely new bride from England back to Germany. 

Can you imagine? Your anniversary is still celebrated 400 years later... So romantic.

Heidelberg will always have a special place in my heart. It was the first place we ever went once I arrived here in Germany. I was so excited to come back and get to see it again in the summertime and experience such a historic event for them.

How can you not fall in love with that view?

These people had the best spot for firework viewing no doubt.

Of course another stop at the lovely Kornmarkt. This was my favorite place on our first visit. Not as many people as the main square and adorable architecture.

I take it back THEY have the best spot to watch the fireworks.

Our first castle tour... Don't you just love this place?

Before the show we decided to stop for dinner. Off the main area is this wonderful Irish pub. The food was amazing. Easily one of the best burgers I have had recently. I really wanted the full breakfast, but hey maybe next time.

Blurry, but you can get an idea of the deliciousness and size.

Most of the photos didn't come out well, but I though this one had something special about it so I had to share it.

We had a fantastic time exploring two awesome sights within Germany with new friends.

Illumination, we will see you again next summer.

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Five on Friday: Second Half of Summer

Summer is in full swing at our house. Once the work week is over, we have been heading out to take in the local events - last week was a food and culture festival featuring Spain - and explore all the summer fun to be had in Germany.

If you follow along on Instagram, you may have noticed we had a packed weekend last week. Well we are showing no signs of stopping. Another weekend of fun in the sun is awaiting us, so now I just have to sit back and wait for James to be off - the hardest part of a Friday.
For this week's Five on Friday, I'll be sharing with y'all a highlight reel of last week, some of the great things awaiting for us to see in Germany this weekend, as well as a few of the exciting tings I'll be getting to experience in the coming weeks.

From Friday night till Sunday evening, it felt like we were on vacation. The weekend was absolutely perfect. Great food, gorgeous views, local festivals, the beach. All the makings of a great vacation. We even caught a minor case of Vacation Blues, Sunday night when we realized it was time to go back to the grind.

Off to the festival!!!

Longest suspension bridge in Germany. Beautiful but scary.

Beach day at Lake Constance!!! 90 degrees of sun and cool refreshing water.

Tonight we are heading out for another food festival!!! Y'all this is quickly becoming my favorite thing about summertime in Germany. Food festivals every Friday!!! I am so excited for this one set up at our neighbor town of Sindelfingen. BBQ ribs, surf and turf, and pulled pork sandwiches!!! Did I go to sleep last night and wake back up in Texas?

 Just like Rothenburg, I have been so excited to see this little Bavarian town. I have been patiently waiting for some beautiful weather to go explore this precious town. Bamberg, you have big shoes to fill following Rothenburg. However if any town could give Rothenburg a run for it's money I would say this little gem can.

 Sunday we will get to explore the medieval rooms of Lichtenstein Castle and after have some adventure fun on the ropes course. James is beyond stoked for this to happen. He has been itching to do something like this and to go ziplining. A pretty great day in the works with good balence. Castle stuff for me and getting to act like a monkey for James.

 Finally what I am so excited for in the coming weeks...

I am heading back to France!!!

No I am not going to Paris, but I will be spending a wonderful weekend in the region of Provence taking in the magnificent lavender fields. I am so excited to get to do this. It is one the many things in France I hope to see.

Doesn't this just look magical? I cannot wait!!!


Also coming up this summer an oldie but goodie...

That's right I am returning to Prague!!!

My fingers are crossed that this is the time I will finally get to show James this marvelous city. Either way though, it is going to be a wonderful day seeing this gem in the summertime. And maybe one day Prague will release me from the spell.

And finally two more countries are coming up this summer....

Bratislava, Slovakia

Budapest, Hungary

I hope all of you had a great week, a fantastic Friday, and an even better weekend. 

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Flying High in Mörsdorf

If you follow along on Instagram, you may have seen what we were up to this weekend. Now it is time for some summer weekend recap.

On my super long list of summer fun, I added a little bit of heart pounding fun. In the quiet town of Mörsdorf, Germany there is an adventure lover's dream hiding away. Late last year this sleepy town, opened up Geierlay Bridge; the longest suspension bridge in all of Germany. At 330 feet high, the views off this bridge cannot be beat.

By no means am I fearless, my fear of heights is directly proportionate to how safe I view the activity.

Fly and roller coasters?
No problem.
This bridge?
Slight problem.

The drive to find this tiny little section of Germany is an adventure all its own, filled with fantastic country side. When I saw this place is in the middle of no where, I really mean it. No cell service, car park is almost 2 km back, along with all the signs of civilization - like toilets. All that in mind though, it was so amazing to totally unplug from my phone - that baby is almost always attached to my hand.

Shaking Standing on the bridge, taking it all in was so relaxing. Even if you don't go on the bridge - plenty of benches over looking the bridge and the views - it's worth the trek to the Shire, just to feel that peace settle over you.

Now, are you ready for those awesome views I was talking about?

 Such a precious church on the street corner. It had maybe six pews inside.

This was someone's pool!!! The had the most beautiful home and gardens. Who has stained glass windows on their house!? I wanted to knock on their door so I could see the inside. 
Can I move in?

Finally back in the woods. 

The closest I got to the edge the whole time.

Don't the boys look so excited to have their picture taken?

A tiny currywurst stand tucked away on the walk back. The best was still in Salzburg, Austria but still yummy.

After our adventuring and time in nature we headed of the wonderful town of Heidelberg. This was the first place James and I ever went in Germany and I was so excited to see this adorable town again. This time we were here for one of the three firework shows they do every summer. Come back Saturday to read all about our second time in Heidelberg and their amazing show.

Till next time,