Monday, July 11, 2016

Independence Day Fun 2016

Normally we don't do much if anything at the Fourth of July. If we are lucky to be close to a fireworks display, we will go outside and watch, but that's pretty much it. Exciting people aren't we? Hehehe

This year though we joined in on all the Reindeer Games - wait wrong holiday.

Anyways, last week we joined my husband's coworkers and the spouses at the MP Booth during all the festivities on base. It was a pretty good time socializing and helping raise money to host events and socials for all our military police.

 Our little patriotic tutu uniforms. I will totally be wearing mine again. Grocery shopping? Let me get my tutu. Can't stop laughing even for a split second for a picture.

Our fantastic taco stand. Next year though, let's not be by the yummy smelling BBQ booth. They were making it really hard not to be a traitor and go eat some ribs and pulled pork sandwiches.

The wonderful Mindy, tutu designer, booth coordinator, and chef of all the excellent food

Next year this is where we should be. Right next to the margarita and daiquiri tent. 

The best part of the day - night - though was watching the fireworks from the steps of our apartment. They put on a fantastic show. Hopefully, our trips around the state to see other firework shows can compare.

I hope each of y'all had a fantastic time celebrating our great nation and it's freedom. 

240 years young!!!

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