Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Stuttgart Evening Market 2016

For date night we decided to go downtown and take part in a weekly event during the summer here in Stuttgart. Every year, there is an evening market set up with different international foods, crafts, and dancing. We were pretty excited to go and check it out. This week featured the food of Spain complete with Flamenco dancers.

On a side note, I finally got my own pair of sunglasses. I think James was all too happy when I started looking at them. Pretty cute though right?

As if we were unskilled in adventure, we left for downtown in the middle of rush hour... Palm to face right here... It was nice though getting all that uninterrupted time to just talk and check in with each other.

Some of the yummy tapas we had. Looks like a quesadilla but it isn't. I honestly have no clue what it was besides yummy.

My favorite part!!! I loved all the dancing and the music. 

It was a pretty good and inexpensive time (grand total was 15 euros). We may check it out again in a couple weeks. 

Summer in Germany is proving to be ALMOST as good as the Christmas Season. 

Tomorrow come read all about our trip to Mörsdorf and the suspension bridge!!! Can you say petrifying?

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