Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekend Warriors: iPhones and TV Bingeing

Originally, I was suppose to head back downtown with my lovely friend Devin, however things fell through once we learned of all the protesting taking place this weekend. 30,000 in the middle of the shopping district, does not make for the enjoyable Fall experience we were hoping for.
So all those Fall pieces I am on the hunt for will have to wait a bit longer. Bummer...
Obviously I love to travel. Nothing compares to the rush I feel exploring new places and all the wonderful experiences Germany offers. However always going places and doing this, home has become my vacation; so that is what this weekend was all about for me.
James and I, got to do something that is rather rare in our house. This whole weekend has belonged to our TV. We have been so lazy. Why you may ask? Hulu FINALLY, began working for us!!! All weekend has pretty much been this:

The Chew, Rizolli and Isles, and my favorite ever (okay maybe not ever I'm not sure) Hawaii Five - O.
Just call us Mr. and Mrs. Couch Potato, hehehe

My most exciting thing though was getting an early Christmas present from the Hubby. He had planned on replacing my iPhone 5, mine has slowly been giving up on existing and this week I was beginning to have problems with the home button. Well this weekend I became the proud owner of a little rose gold 6SE.

Our weekend, was super boring I know. We will just call it resting up for what is happening right now as y'all read this:

That's right we are in Munich as we speak (okay read), enjoying this once in a lifetime German festival. I cannot wait to tell y'all about it tomorrow, so ya gotta come back.
Hope you all had a great weekend and here's to making it through another work week.

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