Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Spring in Ludwigsburg


Recently we got out to see another treasure of Baden-Württemberg: Ludwigsburg Palace. The beautiful palace is one of a few left Baroque gems untouched by the wars, making the tour truly special; however once again no pictures allowed of the rooms. Come on people!!!

 We thankfully got experience the most glorious Spring weather, making it the perfect time to explore the secret gardens in addition to the palace. 

A little shadowy on the balcony but you get an idea… In the background is the Favorite Palace. For now we only saw the Residence. Another palace for another day.

Court gardens. During the tour we learned some fun facts about the designs of the time. The well manicured and meticulously planned landscaping was one of the ways nobility showed their power: “I am so powerful, even mother nature bends to my will.” Can you say arrogant? At least it left us with some rather gorgeous scenery. The truly spectacular gardens come in a bit though.

One of the two churches on the palace grounds. The beauty and detail of the European churches never ceases to captivate me. If I could I would sit in a pew and gaze at the ceiling and statues all day.

An entrance befitting the beauty of the gardens that lay ahead.

A cottage worthy of Thomas Kinkade. I would love to call this place home.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair!!!

The softest grass EVER!!! I just wanted to lay in it, watch the clouds, and smell the flowers.

A wonderful day spent basking in the sun and enjoying each others company in a romantic setting.

Be sure to equip yourself with a picnic to enjoy in the gardens.

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