Friday, May 20, 2016

Five on Friday: The Edge of Never and Weekend Warriors

Woot Woot it’s the weekend!!! Well close enough… It has been a pretty good week over here in Germany. I had the pleasure of TWO ladies nights this weekend and it was so wonderful to just hang out and talk with some gal-pals over delicious food. I’ve been reading up a storm as of late. It feels so good to loose yourself within a great book for a few hours everyday. Before I knew it I was back on track for my year goal of 120. 29 books, 24 days, it was touch and go there for a bit with my sanity. Well it is time for the best thing about Friday in the blog world:


I bought this book well over a year ago (maybe even before I married James YIKES) and FINALLY read it. Can I just say, “What in the world was I waiting for!?” Such a well written book. I was 100% invested in the characters and their story. The author had me laughing and crying right along with Andrew and Camryn. This is one to go down on the list of books I will read again and again.

“Weekends are for the warriors…”

This song is my Friday afternoon I am free anthem. I have been playing this song almost every Friday since 2009. Nothing can be truer about weekends and living life than this song. A personal classic. Thanks A Change of Pace for this forever song.

Every weekend...

This I saw being promoted every where. I would read a book, Amazon would tell me to check this out; on Goodreads it was showing up on every side bar;. I finally caved when not one but TWO of my favorite authors were also singing its praises. Considering I read any of their books, no description required, I bought it and read it right away. Oh… My… GOSH!!! I can’t find out what happens till July 25!!! That should be a crime to end a book this way and then make us wait. I really recommend it. The New Adult genre is growing and with books like this it’ll be dominating very soon. A must read but only once book 2 is available.

Say hello to my weekend. It has been a super long week, and I am beginning to feel under the weather, so my weekend with be in my jammie-lambies, snuggling Parker, and watching the BEST tv show.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!! See you on Monday and stay healthy.

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