Monday, May 30, 2016

My First Taste of Italy: Milan

Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, and….

I have officially traveled to/within five countries within seven months of my arrival. I swear even now it doesn’t always feel real. How did I get so blessed to be living this life? So many wonderful places to experience and all at the tips of my fingers. I could not have asked for a better life.

I always thought my introduction in Italy would be Florence, Rome, or Venice. Honestly Milan had not even really been a blimp on my radar till several months back I was reading through this lovely blog, by the wonderful Christy Swagerty aka Swags. Afterwards, I decided if the opportunity came I would see Milan. I wasn’t set to bend over backwards to see it but it did make the list of places I would go if I could. Turns out it was meant to be. Seriously what are the odds that I would say, “Hey maybe Milan is worth taking a look at,” and a few short weeks later I get the chance to take a trip there!? Then it became a very long waiting game but the day finally arrived. So with my little weekender bag all packed I set out to Milan.

As the bus pulled away from the parking lot, I knew I was going to be in trouble. I left my umbrella in the backseat of my car. It is a fantastic umbrella too, it’s one of those vintage inspired bubble ones that comes down and around you, protecting you from the sideways rain. And so, naturally because I didn’t have it with me, it would rain all day. I hoped and prayed my bad luck in this depart would change though. Of course it didn’t: it rained ALL day long. Twelve hours in Milan and we had MAYBE two hours of no rain. After arriving umbrella-less, realizing there was no chance of the rain stopping, I bought an adorable little plaid umbrella. Never again will I buy one based on it’s cute factor. My adorable little plaid umbrella worked great until the last four hours of our day and it took a serious beating. We are talking flipping inside out, holes getting poked through it, the handle falling off. Told you, I have horrible umbrella luck. So my little plaid find did not make it back to Germany.

Anyways I digressed…

Milan was a pretty good trip. The people I met and spent the day with were amazing. We were laughing and having a grand ole time walking the city, drenched from the rain.

Milan has one very famous attraction: Duomo. The third largest church in all of Europe is very beautiful to see. Making your way to the top and seeing Milan from above is a real treat.  You get sucked in to the details, the beauty, and the views, and honestly forget to start taking pictures. I LOVE that when it happens.Getting so absorbed by what’s around everything else stops existing. Of course I did get pictures once I came back to reality though.

I did not get to go inside however. Which is where I will give my little piece of advice.


Not knowing a lot about Milan past the Duomo, I decided to just wing it. I had the hop on and off pass and would just see what there was to see afterwards. The Duomo will not allow you inside (you can go to the roof though so do that for sure) if you are not dressed appropriately. I am very use to the churches I have seen where there is no dress code. This girl wore shorts and that is a huge no go for the church. Thankfully it doesn’t apply to the top of the church.

Now for the good stuff:


See even the camera was getting wet. Consent battle between us and the rain.


After seeing the Duomo and Milan from every angle we headed across the way to the famed Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

 Now let’s talk about lunch. We went ahead and took the time to eat while in the Galleria. Though the food at Il Salotto was delightful, the service was atrocious. I do not think I have ever experienced a worse waitress. I do not know if it is because we stopped in a tourist heavy area or what, but this was a horrible experience.

Indro Montanelli

Castello Sforzesco

Bar Binario 11

OMG this pizza was so good!!! Now this was deep dish pizza. I could really use a slice right about now.

Parco Sempione

This park is a must see while in Milan. it was so beautiful. Even in the rain this was one of the most gorgeous walks I have done in Europe.

 My wonderful and hilarious travel companions. Plus my wet camera making a little appearance.

 The final stop of the day the beautiful Arco della Pace.

Thank you Milan, for all the wonderful memories.


  1. These are great pics! I was in Milan for like 30 minutes at the train station lol but I really would like to go back. The top of that church is incredible.

    1. The Duomo was incredible. I cannot even imagine how the views would have been had we had clear skies. even cloudy and raining you could see forever. Thanks for stopping by and commenting too :)


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