Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Say Hello to Summer and a New Blog

I cannot believe that it is June already. I honestly do not know where the time goes. We will blink and the month will be over, taking half of 2016 with it.

Summer is the time of year I have always looked forward to. Consistently great weather, wonderful clothes, and so many things to do. Like many things about Europe, I am excited and curious about summer time here. Coming from Texas it is hot, hot, HOT as our weather options, so hot in fact some days you would rather stay inside with the AC on full blast. Though I miss Texas a lot I am ready to see a summer without 100+ degree weather everyday.

This month I will be seeing the beautiful flower island of Mainau, in the middle of Lake Constance. Garden after garden surrounded by what is said to be one of Germany’s most beautiful lakes, how could I pass that up? Aside from that our traveling plans are up in the air right now. I think the hardest thing about planning summer trips while in Europe, is we now live in the PRIME summer destination. I’m curious to know, is it as bad as the stories make it out to be? We may just find out first hand if the cards play out the way I want.

All and all as of now it is looking like a pretty slow month. However just as quickly as we have had to cancel plans in the past, I am hoping plans will fall into our lap. Just living our life motto over here: Just roll with it. Fingers crossed we can take a mini-vacation, but I will be just as happy with a few little day long trips around the area.

On the other side of summer fun, the movie theater will keep us overly busy this month with the start of all the great releases. Just another reason to enjoy the summer time. As if the employees don’t already know us by name, they’ll be seeing us almost weekly this month.

June 3 – Me Before you

June 3 – TMNT: Out of the Shadows

June 10 – Now You See Me 2

June 24 – Independence Day Resurgence

June 29 – The Shallows

Now for the biggest news of all:

This was my last post on my original blog. After many difficulties using WordPress, I decided to move here to Blogger. This is very exciting for me and hopefully will prove to be a much better blogging experience. I am slowly importing all of my content to this new and improved space. I hope to have everything finished within the next two to three weeks. So stick through it with me, because it is going to be truly amazing when I'm done.

One last thing before I leave y’all for the day… I want to wish my parents a happy birthday!!!

Here is to a fantastic month for y'all!!! I love you both so much!!!


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