Thursday, June 2, 2016

Second First Post

Say goodbye to...

and welcome to...

It's funny how even though this is only my first post (not imported) for, "For Love and Travel" I'm still just as nervous as when I joined the blogging world in October. So, here we go with launching a blog for a second time:

In October, I created Our Life Overseas. It was a way to easily include everyone in our family on how life was living in Germany. Until James, received his orders to be stationed here, neither of us had ever left the United States. We each carried our own dreams of seeing the world and experiencing travel beyond the United States. However no passport, no travel, too bad. So, Uncle SAM giving us the chance to not only visit but LIVE, in another country was huge for us both.




Most defiantly.

Were we ready?

Didn't matter, we were going.

Anyways, my arrival in October saw the start of my blogging journey. Like I said, I knew it would be a fantastic way for everyone to stay connected at once. It proved to be a great way to capture every memory of everyday. None too slowly did my blog become my passion (of course tied for first with reading; bibliophile for life).

I love the most that my dedication to writing, led me to talk about each experience within days of it happening. Keeping everything fresh in my mind. As I have gone back and read through each post as I try to get them imported over here (slow going to say the least) all the feelings come back and memories in vivid detail. Just the other night, I was rolling with laughter as I was adding a post about that time I set my favorite pan on fire in the kitchen. The fresh new excitement I felt when we went on our very first day trip together. My blog has been great for preserving and reminding me of all of that.

Now obviously the big question, "Why would I leave Our life Overseas if it means the world to me?" Well as time went on, my host sight was changing and as it changed it became harder and harder to use. I went with though like I do with most things. Learn from the situation, adapt, and move on. Well the day came when I started running out of storage. Which as y'all read my posts you will see that is a HUGE problem for me. Of course I looked into upgrading (every hobby and passion incurs some costs after all) and was floored by the annual pricing. So it came time to make a decision. As you can tell, I decided to not pay.

Blogger allows my about 93% of what I wanted to happen for free, 2% for the small fee of $15 one time, and the other 5% was maintaining my URL and title which sacrificing wasn't that big of a thing for me. I had started looking into blogging beyond our time here and new a name change would be needed at some point.

So here is to my new home, I couldn't be happier with my experience so far and how things are turning out!

Everything from Our life Overseas, will eventually be added here so please stick with me on that. Everything I did over there will continue on here at For Love and Travel. Everything we love and live for in life will be document here. From our trips around  Germany and Europe, to my triumphs and utter failures in the kitchen, to everything else we love and adore: movies, books, date night, whatever it is may be will be found here.

To those of you that have followed me over, thank you so much for your support.

To those of you how are new, I hope to see you around here regularly. 

So please do follow and keep in touch. I love reading and replying to every single comment that comes my way.

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