Friday, June 10, 2016

Five on Friday

I am so ready for the weekend!!! It has been a long week with not nearly enough sleep. Anyone else feeling this way? Weekend can you be here now?

I started getting serious about my health this week. For some extra accountability, I decided to log it all on here every Wednesday. Only the beginning of day three and I am already fully aware of how out of shape I am. This is going to be a tough battle for the first few weeks. Thankfully though today is my last gym day till Monday. I'm so excited. 

The Biggest Loser, has been added to shows I am so into right now. I started watching it this weekend and I am hooked. How can you not get so invested in the lives of these people? Almost every episode I am crying at some point. It's so hard seeing someone go home. I want them all to win. The best though is seeing how they fare outside of The Ranch and seeing the succeed that way.

Last week's linkup helped me find Life as the Coats. I just love her blog. So many neat things I have to try. And her cleaning schedule? Perfect!!! I am pretty sure it has EVERYTHING. If not it is super close. This is going up in my laundry room this weekend. For sure going to cruise her page for some fun crafty things to do this summer. 
Looking around on my favorite website ever (Pinterest) I found these wonderful cupcakes!!! Nothing like trying to get healthier and maybe loose a few pounds, like pinning cupcake recipes right? Either way this WILL be made in the very near future. How many calories can on little cupcake really have?

I have been slaking all week on importing my old blog posts this week. It's for real going to happen this weekend though. Hopefully by Monday I can have 10 more moved over. I really need to work on my daily schedule some more so I can set aside time for this blog.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I cannot wait to hop around reading everyone's Friday Post.

See you soon,

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  1. Stopping by from the Friday Favorites link up! Such a cute post! Hope you enjoy mine as well :) Happy Friday!


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