Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Healthy Life Diary: The Beginning

On Sunday, a friend and I had a marathon Harry Potter marathon session - nerd love right there. We ate so much junk, we both were in stomach pains the rest of the night. This opened the gate for a lifestyle change in me. For some extra accountability, I thought it would be a good idea to log my journey on here every week. I am not over weight nor am I fit, I am not unhealthy but I do love more than my fair share of sweets, chips, and Dr Pepper. It became clear a few things needed to change after half a meat lover's pizza and a whole bag of cheddar and sour cream chips. Monday and Tuesday were a test run for me to work out any kinks before I started, and already I feel better. Let's see where this takes me? For the next twelve weeks everything will be laid out for y'all: weight, measurements, food log, and exercise plan. Let the journey begin.

My plan is to have a limit of 1,500 calories per day and to take my multi vitamins everyday.

I am horrible at following a diet plan. The idea of no-go foods, automatically makes me resent whatever the plan is and want to quit before I even start. No carbs? No go. No white rice? Sorry move along. Enter my calorie counting. I decided to keep a full log of what I eat, when, and the portion size tracking each calorie. With 1,500 calories a day as my limit it really makes me pause to decide do I want to use 150 to have a second can of soda today? Since I love my Dr. Pepper, I know giving it up won't happen, but keeping track and thinking, "huh 150 calories now or a snack later in the evening," is already helping me cut my intake back.

In addition to diet, I started on multi vitamins for all around health and to help me curb any cravings later. After all there has to be some truth in the statement that food cravings for chips and sweets means you are lacking a nutrient. Hopefully it'll also help with growing my hair, nails, and keeping my skin free of breakouts.

Burn 500 calories of cardio five days a week and muscle toning three days a week.

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. Unfortunately, because this girl would so rather sit on the couch and read. I will tell you all right now, I do not like to workout at all. It's actually rather awful to me. By far the worst part of the day. I don't even have that happy I did it after feeling. It's like doing the dishes. You have to do it, but we all know no one enjoys it. I think what makes it worse is no variation in the routine. My workout plans will for sure be changing on here every few weeks to keep the boredom away. For at least the next two weeks though this is the plan I will follow for cardio and muscle toning:

I only did half of this the past two days to try it out and it is pretty awesome since you are pretty much just walking at a faster pace. At 30 minutes you burn about 400 calories, so this should be 800 calories burned!!! Do you know what that means? 300 extra food calories if you want OR instead of eating 1, 500 a day you just ate 1, 200. Every calorie counts, especially when you want some extra food. On a side note that is what I love about counting my calories instead of a diet plan. If I'm feeling tired and can't make to 500 calories then I cut down my food intake. On the flip side, if you want some ice cream and sprinkles but it'll go over, you add a bit extra to your workout and BAM!!! Ice cream as a reward.


As for my muscles I wanted something to work everything out in one session. I knew if I did arm day, leg day, and so on I would slip very quickly and start slacking. This here will hopefully prove to be great since every single muscle group gets targeted at least twice during the eleven workouts. Lean muscle tone here I come.

Here we go the numbers game of it all:
Height 5 ft 5.5 in
Starting weight: 144 pounds
Starting measurements: 35 in around the bust; 31.5 in around the waist; 39.5 in around the hip

Parker wanted in on the picture too.

Here's to getting healthy this summer. May the odds be ever in my favor.

I hope to see y'all during next week's entry!


  1. You girl!!! Such an inspiration! I need to start working out again. Keeping a food log will definitely help! Whenever I log my daily intake it helps so much!

    1. Thanks :)

      It really does help me. I'm already finding myself saving the calories so I can use them on something better. Blueberry muffin for a snack now or ice cream WITH sprinkles after dinner lol.

  2. That Ballerina workout looks great. I'm definitely going to have to try it out! Thanks for sharing :)
    Blessed Messes

    1. It is totally kicking my hiney. I did it last night and about thirty minutes later my abs were already sore. This morning, EVERYTHING is sore.


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