Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Day Trip Packing Guide

It is no secret I love to travel. It is pretty much an obsession for me. Of of the things I do a lot of here is take these 24 - 30 hour bus trips around Europe. It couldn't get much easier to plan a trip: central meeting point, sleep on the bus (admittedly not always the most comfortable), and when you wake up you are some wonderful place like Prague or Milan. After having done so many of these excursions I have become rather adept at packing my little Vera Bradley weekender for such things. I have also come to realize this the perfect carry on packing list, because let's face it I am not the kind of girl that can get by with EVERYTHING in her carry-on. That is a skill I may never master.

For this post I will use everything from my most recent trip: Milan.

My first rule to live by when traveling is having travel clothes and "let's get ready to sight see clothes." As someone who has trouble getting any sleep unless I am 100% laying out, comfort is a premium to me.

On the bus I wore a black tank top and black knitted pedal pushers (my favorite pair of workout pants ever). To get around the town I decided on my favorite pair of T-strap sandals, a white lace peplum top, and adorable black shorts.

Rule two centers around sleepy time. Again comfort is a premium and I try to get as much of it as possible.

A blanket is a must for me. Nothing beats having the soft plushy feel surround you as you try to sleep; and of course it is Vera Bradley. I have a problem and James is my enabler. I also bring little booties, an eye mask (for when the sun rises which lately has been at around 5:30 AM - 6AM), and my favorite memory foam pillow. These are wonderful because you can manipulate the shape and they don't go flat afterwards.

Rule three is all about the beauty essentials. This is without a doubt the most meticulous part for me. I double and triple check everything. 

It is a lot but, with each trip I have found there is something else essential to my packing. The number one thing to always bring is a toothbrush and toothpaste. I am teeth crazy. I get excited by new toothbrush day, opening a new tube of toothpaste, and yes the dentist is where it is at. Another big thing for me is the glasses/contact travel kit. Anyone else know the struggle? I pack odds and ends for my hair and of course something for sore muscles, because after eleven miles around a city who wouldn't want an Aleve? 

Oh and the makeup... I love makeup. It is so much fun to play with. I bring my Naked 3 pallet on any trip I take because you can create a hundred or more looks from it. It is perfect. Not to mention the colors go wonderful with my hazel eyes. An all around makeup must have though, is my Urban Decay setting spray. I use All Nighter. Y'all if you are in the market and even if you aren't go buy this. I can do a full workout and my makeup stays perfectly applied with this. I may just have to do a post all about my makeup love. I could talk for ever about it.

Rule four is of course entertainment. If you can't sleep you have to pass the time somehow.

I bring my iPad for games, music, and movies; a book to nourish my inner bookworm; and as touristy as it may seem, I love my travel guides. I bring them with me on all my trips. I love the maps provided and the info you can find. Most trips they stay within my bag, but it's always handy to have around if a sight is closed or you have more time than you thought. I love a good back up plan.

And finally everything that make your handbag complete.

I travel with a smaller bag most days, one I can easily keep close to me and that won't have me digging around it on a street corner. The travel musts: passport (always number one), local currency, sunglasses in case Mr. Sun decides to grace you with his presence, and a phone that if need be, works internationally. Also not pictured is my wonderful camera. I mean if you are going to travel all this way you gotta have a good quality camera.

There we go; five things to help you pack and plan for an excellent day trip or to be fully prepared in your carry - on.

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