Friday, May 27, 2016

Five on Friday: Beauty and the Beast and Other Love Stories

Who else is ready for the weekend? Only four days in the week and yet this one felt SO long, so time to have some fun.

I celebrated my blog's 100th post on Wednesday!!! It is so exciting having reached this point in my blog. I can’t wait to celebrate the next milestone. Thank you to everyone on the Friday Link Ups that has stopped by. Y’all helped me get here.

This week I also posted about these super delicious bad boys. So yummy and addicting. The best chocolate chip cookie recipe I have tried to date. Try it out.


 After being under the weather last week I decided I needed to change things up in my daily routine and get a smidgen healthier. Because let’s get real this girl is SO not giving up her ice cream and sprinkles. Since I don’t like to give anything up, I went back to counting out the calories (moderation is both my friend and enemy) and doing this workout. It packs a punch in the burning calories department but not in the intense sweating and icky-ness department. Win – Win.


Y’all the excitement cannot be contained. My favorite Princess, Disney movie, story, everything!!! Only forever more to go but this is an AMAZING start!!!!

How much longer now till March 17?

The Bachelorette started this week!!! Eeek!!! Bachelor Nation has gone international. Can’t wait to watch this weekend, so ssshh… no spoilers. Totally throwing James under the bus but… I know he’s just as excited after seeing her crazy family on Ben’s season.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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