Monday, May 16, 2016

Spring Festival 2016

Back at Christmas time I talked about how everything seems to be celebrated in Germany. Of course the arrival Spring is no different here. We partook in the local fun of Spring Festival. Three weeks of markets, food, beer tents, and rides galore. So basically like a State Fair. It was so much and fun and amusing to be there. Spring Festival really ramps you up for the warm sunny days to come and all outdoor activities that will start to take place. The day we went was one where James’ crazy schedule really paid off. On a Monday evening you basically have the entire event to yourself!!! This is how you do the festivals.


 The giant Ferris wheel right when you enter the fair grounds – festival grounds?


 A view from the top to give you an idea of the lack of people attending at 6 PM on a Monday.




A little glimpse of Stuttgart.


More of that Curry wurst I’ve gotten hooked on.


Oh the King Kong ride… This was no doubt the best one on the park. We rode it three different times while we were there. It was tummy dropping fun at its finest.


A mining roller coaster with pyrotechnics during the ride!!! This ride was insane!!! I’ll be honest when the fire starting going of and the sparks I was more than a little concerned about the amount of hairspray I had. Thankfully I still have all my hair. Whew…

So if you find yourself in the Stuttgart area, or Germany, during the beginning of Spring head to the festival. It will be a great day or afternoon for everyone.

Next festival stop: Oktoberfest!!!

One down, twenty-three to go...

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