Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Shrimp Boil

Delicious, delicious, delicious. A summer must!!!


1 lemon cut into fours
5 Tbsp of Cajun seasoning and enough to coat shrimp
3 bay leaves
4 garlic cloves sliced
1 lb of baby red potatoes halved or quartered
4 ears of corn halved
1 lb of andouille sausage cut into medallions
1 lb of large shrimp


Fill a large pot two-thirds full of water

Squeeze the juice from the lemon into the water and add the squeezed quarters

Add Cajun seasoning, bay leaves, garlic cloves, and potatoes

Bring to a boil on high

Once boiling, partially cover and reduce heat to medium

Allow everything to simmer for 10 minutes, while you coat the shrimp in the remaining Cajun seasoning

Increase the heat back to high before adding sausage and corn

Cook for 4 minutes

Stir the shrimp in to the pot

Cook for 3 – 4 minutes (shrimp should be pink)

Drain your pot and remove bay leaves

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