Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Day in Heidelberg

After much back and forth over where to go during James’s three days off we settled on a day trip to Heidelberg. We spent the day exploring the sights and had the best time, even if James had to remind me several times, “This is my happy face,” (Man of the House).

 Herkulesbrunnen (Hercules Fountain) in the center of Marktplatz (Market Square). This area has been the town center since the Middle Ages.

Heiliggeistkirche (Church of the Holy Ghost) in the Market Square. Work began in 1398 but was not completed till 1544.

Alte Brucke (Old Bridge)

The monkey holding the mirror is beside each tower. They were built to symbolize Heidelberg’s need for those living in the city and across the bridge on the outskirts of town, that neither group was better.

Statue of Carl Theodor, who had the bridge rebuilt once again in 1786. He was so sure that the new design would last that he had the statue of himself added. Surrounding him are the river gods and goddesses each to represent the German rivers: Neckar, Rhine, Danube, and Mosel. Also is it just me or does his pose scream, “I’m just so fabulous,”?

Just some of the gorgeous shots we took from the bridge.

This is without a doubt my favorite photo of the castle. It is just so beautiful on it’s own, but with the low hanging clouds just took my breath away.

 We made our way from the bridge to Kornmarkt, which is at the base of the castle.

A view of the church as we trekked up the very steep hill to the castle. The views and the realization just how old the cobbled path we were walking on was made it worth the extra workout.

Looking through one of the watch towers on the first level.

A view from a turret on the second level before reaching the castle.

Grosses Fass (Great Cask) housed in the castle is made from 130 oak trees and can hold 58,500 gallons. This held wine that was meant to pay for taxes by the local producers.

Deutsches Apotheken-Museum (German Apothecary Museum)

You exit into a little shop and as we looked around we found the most amazing smelling soaps. All of them are handmade in Heidelberg and beautifully packaged with the dried herbs and flowers used in making the soap.

After the castle we decided to ride the Konigstuhl Bergbahn (funicular). Your castle ticket comes with a ride from Kornmarkt to the half way point above the castle. To go up to the top of the King’s Throne it is an additional seven Euro. Honestly it was not worth the extra money to go to the top. The low hanging clouds made it hard to see Heidelberg from the lookout and you get much better shots from the half way point and on the castle.

The view from half way up.

The very top of King’s Throne.

We had an absolutely amazing day in Heidelberg. We plan to come again once the Christmas Market goes up. It is crazy for me that only a week ago I was living in Texas and now I am across an ocean, on another continent. After today it’s really beginning to sink that I am living overseas. I am so grateful for this opportunity and plan to make sure we take full advantage of it.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope y’all have a fantastic evening.

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