Thursday, October 22, 2015

Chorizo and Egg Burritos


I made this yesterday for breakfast because it was so easy and incredibly fast to put together, which is perfect when you are on a schedule. I would highly recommend serving with a green apple or any other tart fruit. The combination of acidic fruit and  savory chorizo is delicious. Easily a favorite in our house.


2 chorizo links
3 eggs
2 tortillas
1 Tbsp of olive oil
1 Tbsp of butter
Mixed cheeses for topping


In a pan heat your olive oil over medium – high heat (it’ll be ready when drops of water sizzle and snap)

Remove the casing from the chorizo links and break into chunks

Scramble the eggs together adding salt and pepper

Once the oil is heated add the links into the pan and begin to brown

Ground the chorizo as it cooks

Once cooked lower the heat to medium and add the mixed eggs

Begin melting butter in a separate pan

Blend the chorizo and egg together until done

Once the butter is melted add one tortilla at a time and heat through

Enjoy it!!!

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