Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Day of Everything and Nothing

I got to spend all day yesterday with James and it was amazing!!! We had a huge list of things to do and yet by the end of the day it really felt like we had done a whole lot of nothing. Bear with me this is a long post but it has pretty pictures.

First up on our day was of course breakfast. I didn’t make anything too fancy but come on who doesn’t love eggs and bacon? One of the many things I am loving about Germany so far is the produce. Look at those strawberries!!! Y’all they are naturally that perfect and every single one in the package has that perfect coloring. It is a little hard finding all the produce your normally would state side, however what we do find looks magazine perfect and is so delicious. I cannot get enough fruit. I wanted a high protein breakfast to get us going, especially because James was coming of the night shift and we would be heading out for the day right after. Thank you Keurig for brewing his coffee so fast and thank you mom for sending it to him for his birthday! He is obsessed with Chai Latte and Donut Shop.

After breakfast our day begin. Our first stop was super exciting… Cleaning supplies. Technically we needed a trash can for the laundry room but ending up getting our cleaning supplies too. Safer to clean the lint trap in the laundry room since Parker really loves to jump on me when she sees me with it. One good jump, I loose balance, and lint goes everywhere.

While we were there we stopped in the kid’s section to see about sweaters for Parker. Our dog a little large so the cute doggy stuff doesn’t come in her size. Y’all will hear me complain about this many times over the winter. most of the department was clearance out so hopefully a few more days they will have a better selection. The one sweater we did get she actually really liked having on, however it was too snug in the shoulders. The hunt continues. When we do find her size she will get a fashion editorial. My little up and coming doggy model.

After we went to one of the malls here. Oh my gosh was that an experience!!! I really wish I had had my camera out. I have known people bring their pets with them places in Germany but I got to experience it first hand in the mall. People just walking by doing their shopping with Fluffy and Daisy on their leashes walking along beside them. Really made me want Parker there however she would be trying to force everyone to pet her and love on her. One day Parker you can come with us, just gotta test you out elsewhere first.

We were shopping for a coat for James and sadly we left empty handed but I will be finding him one. The online hunt has commenced. It was odd being in a mall and not knowing but one or two retailers. They do seem to have great boutiques to choose from though. Another day I will have to go back and do some in depth research. however if you are at the mall and realize “Oh no I need (fill in the blank) for dinner,” you can get it here. The first level is anchored by a grocery store and the boutiques are all specialty stores. Produce, butcher, baker, fish monger. They had everything you could possibly need.

The drive back was so beautiful!!! The road to the mall runs along the edges of this wooded area filled with hiking trails. Every so often they have turn ins for a parking area and because my husband is wonderful and awesome, he stopped me at several so I could take pictures. It was so serine had it not started to rain I would have wanted to walk a little further.

 This is just so beautiful I can’t even believe it.

 These ponds with the docks are all scattered around the edges.

James is the best giving me a little shoulder boast so I could photograph through the trees.

The picture didn’t pick it up well enough but when I took this, the wind had picked up a little and the leaves were cascading down. I really could have stayed much longer. Random park area I will be back for you very soon.

Our day continued with grocery shopping which I totally LOVED. It’s a little odd I am aware. Most people try to avoid it, me I look forward to it. I got lots of great stuff so be on the look out for some awesome recipes.

James and I ended our night with a test batch of cookies and Aladdin. Basically a perfect day, which is saying something because today is going to be so much fun and I will get to do my first touristy thing in Germany!!!
That’s all for now.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!

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