Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Germany I Have Arrived

Back in May, James graduated from boot camp and A-School. After a brief eight days of leave, he went to Germany for his first duty station. Fast forward four months and tons of leg work to get me here as well, I FINALLY arrived a week ago.

Not much has gone on in the ways of adventure… Yet…

The day after I arrived we made a beautiful drive to the Frankfurt airport to pick up our fur baby Parker. My wonderful parents saw to it that she got on her plane and was ready to be picked up on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Let me tell you sending her unaccompanied was so nerve racking. I couldn’t calm down till I saw her.

Aside from that drive, not much has been happening around here. James has been working most nights and I have been getting the apartment set up and decorated. The jet lag was no where near how awful I thought it would be. Just a few days and I was ready for German Time.

I have been cooking up a storm lately and I’ll be adding those pictures and recipes over the next several days.

Watching the sun set as I leave Atlanta.

Foliage!!! Bear with me I am from Texas where one day the trees have leaves and the next they are all nakey so foliage is super exciting to me and there will be LOTS of pictures as it happens.

 One of the many towns we passed driving to Frankfurt Airport. They were all so cute and reminded me of snow globe villages.

 There’s our precious fur baby Parker. They couldn’t stop singing her praises when we picked her up. I was so proud especially because I know she can be a heathen.

Aren’t they cute!?

Stay tuned for that and our day trip to Heidelberg later this week which I am very excited for. My first real taste of Germany is only days away. My camera is charging up so be ready for a million pictures.

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