Thursday, November 19, 2015

Exploring Our Backyard

James has been here since June and it has been a little over a month for me. It was about time we went to explore life outside the gates.

Since we live here we didn’t pack too much into our day. We spent the afternoon around and inside the Altes Schloss. The castle had a wonderful temporary exhibit honoring Christoph Duke of Württemberg. This marks the 500th anniversary from when he became duke of the area.

Many of you probably haven’t even heard of this guy. Don’t worry we hadn’t either till we went. His biggest claim to fame was unifying the Protestant Reformation for this area. In school I only ever learned about the Reformation going on in England so this was very informative to me.

The exhibit mostly covered his time as Duke and his many contributions to the Reformation.

Also housed in the castle is the permanent exhibit which chronicles the history of the area from the Stone Age to the Roaring Twenties with beautiful artifacts.

Sadly no pictures were allowed inside. There were beautiful relics of the monarchy and stain glass panels saved from the bombings during World War II.

I would really recommend this as a stop to anyone visiting the area. The audio guides offered even have a children’s version which allows interaction within several sections of the museum.

And so the Stuttgart Journey continues. Till next time,

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